Abstract kunnen denken, snel verbanden zien++
Goed kunnen schrijven++
Ideeën en feiten goed kunnen verwoorden++
Met cijfertjes werken++
Gestructureerd werken+
Goed in talen+
Leiding geven+
Mensen helpen met problemen+
Nauwkeurig werken+
Origineel en creatief+
Technisch inzicht+-

Favoriete vakken

  • Nederlands
  • Engels
  • Maatschappijleer
  • Economie
  • Management en organisatie
  • Wiskunde A
  • Wiskunde B


  • September


Overzicht van de profielen die wel of geen toelating geven.

Cultuur en MaatschappijCultuur en Maatschappijgeen toelatingwel toelatingmet wiskunde A of wiskunde B
Economie en MaatschappijEconomie en Maatschappijgeen toelatingwel toelating
Natuur en GezondheidNatuur en Gezondheidgeen toelatingwel toelating
Natuur en TechniekNatuur en Techniekgeen toelatingwel toelating

Aanvullende eisen:

If you have a non-Dutch diploma that is equivalent to the Dutch VWO diploma you are in principle admissible to this programme. In case you have a non-Dutch diploma that is not equivalent to the Dutch VWO diploma, then you may be eligible for the Foundation Programme. If your diploma is not included in the overview of equivalent diplomas (please also check the additional requirements that may apply to your diploma), it must first be evaluated by the Admissions Office. This happens automatically during the application process, but it takes time, so you should apply as early as possible, preferably before 1 April.

In case you only have a HAVO-diploma plus a HBO-propedeuse you are not admissible to this programme.

Numerus fixus / Limited places

A numerus fixus applies to the bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics, which means only a limited number of students can be admitted each year. Every year approximately 500 students start the programme. Available places are allocated by means of a decentralised selection procedure.

Language proficiency

The bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Economics is taught in English. If you finished your secondary education in a non–EU/EEA country and are not a native English speaker, you must submit the official results of either an IELTS test (minimum score 6.0) or TOEFL (computer-/internet-based minimum score 79; paper-based minimum score 550). If you finished your secondary education in an EU/EEA country you will not have to do an English language test.

Admission exam and credit transfer

Students who do not possess the required prior education may qualify for an admission exam. If you have followed higher education before, you can submit a request for credit transfer. If you do, please keep in mind that the registration procedure will require more time.


MBO toelating:

No admissible with a MBO-diploma.