13 feb 2016

Open Day

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Every year UCR organizes a number of Open Days, specifically aimed at students in their (pre-) final years of secondary school, and at students who have already obtained their HBO propedeutic exam.

Our Open Days offer the perfect opportunity to learn more about studying at UCR. You will get a taste of what UCR has in store: a challenging educational system, a historic campus, a highly-qualified, enthusiastic and international staff, and so much more...

Special information sessions by instructors and students fro​m all departments will be given throughout the day. Of course there will also be ample opportunity to talk to other staff, faculty, and students in more detail.

UCR is a small-scale university college, with class rooms that fit no more than 25 students and buildings geared towards intensive education. Although this makes for an excellent educational environment, this also means that it can be complicated to host very large groups of guests. Visitors to our Open Day are asked to please take this into account; we would prefer it if each prospective student brings no more than two parents or additional guests to the Open Day. Please contact us at communications@ucr.nl if you are planning on coming with a group of more than three persons total.

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