22 nov 2019

Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning Student for a Day event
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

09:45 - 14:45 uur

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Our Student for a Day event shows you what it is like to study at our faculty. Together with a group of approximately 25 other prospective students, you will be given a presentation about the bachelor programme and you will join a (second year) lecture that is given to our students. You will also get to experience what kind of case studies are being used in our lectures because you will get to work on one yourself.

We will also show you around our faculty and give you the opportunity to ask our students what it is like to study here. The study advisor of the faculty will join you at the end of the day for answering any remaining questions.

The Student for a Day event is organized for prospective students from vwo 6 (or international students in their exam year). Usually, it is best if prospective students first visit an Open Day before joining the Student for a Day event, but this is not an obligatory order.

Depending on the nationality of the prospective students present that day, the day will be in English or in Dutch. Please keep in mind the bachelor programme itself will be fully taught in English.


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Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
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Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning