9 apr 2020

Proefstudeerdag Creative Business (EN) Den Haag
Hogeschool Inholland

13:15 - 17:15 uur

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During the trial study day you will be introduced to the Creative Business study by following a short program. The world of media and entertainment changes rapidly. As technology has continuously changed, so has the way we consume media. Vlogs, events, games, music, television, social media - the creative industry is more influential than ever! The demand for innovative products and services therefore grows every day.
The flexible and future-proof Creative Business program prepares you to be a professional who can react to the market by initiating, creating and selling inspiring media concepts, products and applications.

During the trial study day you will follow a presentation that gives you a better idea of the Creative Business program itself. Additionally, you will follow two lectures and go on a tour of the campus. That way you can get a better understanding of what it means to study Creative Business.

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Inholland Den Haag
Theresiastraat 8
2593 AN Den Haag

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