29 apr 2021

Proefstudeerdag Creative Business (EN) Haarlem
Hogeschool Inholland

10:00 - 12:30 uur

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The flexible and future-proof Creative Business program prepares you to be a professional who can react to the market by initiating, creating and selling inspiring media concepts, products and applications. Creative Business is perfect for you if you are a go-getter who is open-minded and critical when necessary. You are curious and have the guts to try new things in order to learn something. Because our students come from all over the world, it is also important that you are internationally minded and interested in other cultures. In conclusion; if you are ready to deal with unpredictability of the creative industry, Creative Business is cut out for you!

Experience what it is like to study at Creative Business and sign up for an online activity. Coaches of the program will give a lecture online, after which you can talk to students of Creative Business of the location Haarlem.


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