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Throughout the Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering you:

  • acquire the necessary skills to solve challenging business problems in an analytical way using a multi-disciplinary approach;
  • gain considerable insight into the specific challenges corporate life is facing.

The programme offers you the following benefits:

  • a well-rounded programme: The Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering provides a very diffrent programme within the specific fields of economic analysis and international orientation, management of business domains, ICT-skills and information management, mathematical and statistical techniques.
  • contact with businesses: During your education you will engage with multiple organisations and international managers via a business project, guest lectures and business seminars. Centrally located and truly international: The Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering is a programme organised by the Faculty of Economics and Business of KU Leuven and the Faculty of Economics, Social and Political Sciences and Communication of the Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles.

After obtaining the bachelor’s degree in Business Engineering, you:

  • can continue your studies in this field by completing the master’s degree programme in Business Engineering;
  • are also prepared for any master’s degree in Economics and Business with a strong quantitative focus.

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