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Do you want to be a problem solver par excellence? Then maybe the Bachelor of Engineering Technology is the perfect fit for you!

You will learn:

  • To tackle technological challenges in a critical and methodical way
  • A broad scientific basis and get the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice

Did you know?

  • Engineers develop intelligent technological solutions that make everyday life easier or safer.
  • They find solutions for complex problems, such as energy efficient production or waste recycling.
  • In each of these projects, engineers consider preconditions such as sustainability, price, quality, and regulation.

After this programme, you:

  • are qualified to follow the master’s in Engineering Technology;
  • have excellent employment opportunities. Our graduates are resourceful, enterprising, inquiring, and have an open outlook as engineers.
  • can apply for a job in the following fields: research and development, production, sales, services, safety, and consulting within industrial, governmental, academic, and private sectors.

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