Vincent works for Google Asia Pacific

What is the official name of your current job and what does it entail?
I am Regional Operations & Experience Manager for Google Asia Pacific. In my position at Jones Lang LaSalle (on secondment to Google for 100%) I am responsible for the operational management (and streamlining at a regional level) of facility services for Google's offices in Asia. With my colleagues, I manage our services in more than 20 offices in 12 countries.

How would you characterise your training at Breda University of Applied Sciences in one sentence?
A forward-thinking, varied training in which all aspects of contemporary facility management with highlights like Imagineering, which enables the Breda University of Applied Sciences student to differentiate and innovate in the field.

When you look back, do you think studying at Breda University of Applied Sciences was the right thing to do for you? Why?
Absolutely, I acquired a broad base of theory and professional practice that now, after more than six years’ work experience, still proves to be very valuable. Especially abroad, there are very few alumni with a Bachelor’s degree in Facility Management.

In what way are your Breda University of Applied Sciences studies linked to your current job?
There is a clear link: I now work in Facility Management for 100%.

Can you describe your average work day? What’s on your agenda?
Breakfast at work (8 a.m. in the morning), tea, meetings, video conferences, emails, emails, lunch at work, even more meetings, 1 coffee, some more emails and meetings and at the end of the day (around 7-8 p.m.) table tennis, a game of pool or table football.

What is your best or funniest memory of Breda University of Applied Sciences?
The chances you get to do work placements abroad as part of the curriculum is my best memory of Breda University of Applied Sciences, besides of course all the parties, study trips, etc. ;-)

What would you advise prospective students who have to make the difficult decision about where/what to study?
Investigate all possible study opportunities, think carefully about your strengths and weaknesses and choose something you really like (not "what will pay the most" or what "might be fun")!

Vincent de Groot,
Alumnus International Real Estate and Facility


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