Raoul continued his study at master’s level

What do you study at the moment? Why did you choose this Master’s programme?

Currently, I study Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Cranfield University in the UK. I chose this programme because it is regarded one of the best in the field of logistics and supply chain management in Europe and the world. With an MSc (Master of Science) degree I will be able to access senior positions in large organisations.

How would you describe the Bachelor’s programme you attended at Breda University of Applied Sciences?

The Bachelor’s programme of Breda University of Applied Sciences is truly excellent. The variety of skills, knowledge and experiences that you gain during the programme are outstanding and highly competitive. In particular the various company-based placements during the Bachelor’s phase opened the door to my further career.

What are your best memories of Breda University of Applied Sciences and/or your stay in Breda?

In Breda I met so many interesting people and found friends for life. My two best friends from Breda now study together with me at Cranfield University and we continue to share all these wonderful memories of working through the night, partying through the night and travelling together through the countries we did our work placements in during our time at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Last but not least, where do you see your future (ideal company, position, country)?

After Cranfield I am going to start my career in a large international organisation in the Supply Chain Logistics department. It is my goal to become Supply Chain Manager for either an entire product programme or geographical region within the next 15 years. However, I am almost sure that consultancy will also be a part of my future career as I have developed the ideal skill set during the last 5 years of study.

Raoul van Groenewoud
Alumnus Logistics / student Master's programme at Cranfield University