María Sánchez Esteban, senior student

“I grew up in a very tropical part of Mexico, surrounded by many different animals, plants and insects. As a young person in 2019, climate change is big source of anxiety. This experience made me want to contribute to tackling global challenges such as climate change. But I believe the world is too complex to approach large issues through one field of study. Change has to come in an interdisciplinary way, and that’s exactly what we learn at University College Leiden.

I first came to know about University College Leiden when Leiden University College ambassadors visited my high school. They told us about the University College model. University College is inspired on the Liberal Arts Education model. Unlike most Dutch BA programmes, we don’t decide on our major right away. During the first year we take different elective courses. After the first year, we choose our main field of study. I especially liked the combination of intensive studies, different disciplines, an international environment and living together with all the students.

One of the things I enjoy most about University College, is that all students reside together in one building. To study with people from different cultures is one thing, but to live with them is quite another: you really get a chance to learn from people with different outlooks on life.

To make sure all students feel at home, there are ‘Residence Assistants’ (RA’s) on each floor of the building. When you arrive in the University College residence, the RA is the first person you meet. The RA will welcome you to the floor and shows you around the facilities.”

María Sánchez Esteban, senior student

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