Clémence Schumacker

Clémence Schumacker/20/Bachelor's student

"I grew up in Belgium and after high school I spent one year abroad in Australia and then Germany as an exchange student. My first experience of UCV was a Student for a Day session in Venlo, where I got the opportunity to see how it feels like to be a student here. The campus is small and everyone is friendly, so in the end I was convinced that this was the right environment for me! A year ago, I joined the student-rowing club of Venlo where I made some close friends. I am also the treasurer of the study association BEET and I inspire to organize fun events so that our Campus Venlo students can get the chance to socialize and party together, which is an important aspect of the student lifestyle!"

Clémence Schumacker

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Madlyn Kraft de La Saulx

"UCV opened my mind so much and encouraged me to become more confident and outgoing."

Carole Fievetz

"Studying is not easy; you need to commit to it."

Ameen Almaghraby

"I chose UCV is because the staff is very accommodating to my heavy training schedule."

Ingri Olsen

"UCV allows students to explore our interests by creating our own curriculum."

Valentina de Wolff

"Dealing with new settings and cultures encouraged me to question myself and learn."

Janine Faessen

"The small-scale education provided for intensive education and motivated me to work hard"

Ninza Mwenesongole

"We made BEET because we saw a lack in extra-curricular activities for UCV students."

Mark Grant

"UCV provides me with diversity in its courses or its international nature."

Sura El Gazzar

"You have the choice to pick your own courses and study things that really interest you. "