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Interested in the study of theology and religion?

There are a lot of world religions, nowadays everyone is challenged in his/her life to make good personal choices and there is still a lot to discover!

You will learn the following:

  • Where religious traditions differ from one another
  • What connects these religious traditions?
  • What these traditions with their ancient wisdom can tell us about the questions of life today

Did you know?

  • You are made familiar with the science of religion and religious traditions of the world
  • You will learn how to study religions from a scientific perspective
  • You will specifically delve into the Christian faith tradition
  • You will learn the sources and history of the Christian faith
  • You will learn the faith content of the Catholic traditions
  • You will be introduced to ethical issues

After this programme, you can:

  • Follow the master’s program Theology and Religious Studies
  • Delve into the English-language master’s program Research Master
  • Immediately move on to the educational master’s degree in Religion

After this Bachelor you can start working as:

  • Teacher in educational services
  • Pastor in a hospital or prison
  • Employee in a church

For more information on the bachelor of theology and religious studies click here