11 feb 2015

Experience Day University College Venlo
Maastricht University

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At University College Venlo, courses are not taught by means of teacher led lectures. We use a combination of Problem- and Research-Based Learning (for more information about our educational methods, go to education profile). Because you are an active participant in the learning process, rather than a passive absorber of information, you will have a better grasp over your knowledge and retain information better.

Some things cannot be explained but have to be experienced!

The Experience Day is for all prospective students who would like to experience firsthand what it will be like to study at the UCV. You will discover what the UCV curriculum will look like, and which educational methods will be used. Furthermore you will be made familiar with the student life in Venlo. There will be ample opportunity to talk to the UCV staff.

Experience Days are organized for a relatively small group of students so that we can keep the sessions interactive. The program will last throughout the entire day, and will be in English. We will have plenty of opportunities to talk about the academic program of the UCV, and you can experience the Research-Based Learning system as a student.

If you would like to register for an Experience Day, you can do this by sending an e-mail to ucv-info@maastrichtuniversity.nl. Please include the following personal details in this e-mail;

First Name:
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E-mail address:
Phone nr:

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