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Communication plays a crucial role in society. How can people be persuaded to live a healthy life? How can teachers find out what students understand? How can doctors successfully communicate with low literate patients? These are all questions about communication design. In the bachelor programme Communication and Information Studies (CIS) you will learn:

  • to find where communication succeeds or fails
  • to design and implement interventions to improve communication
  • to measure the success of these interventions

Is this the programme for you?

Are you interested in communication, language, cognition and interpersonal relations? Do you want to find out how you make texts, conversations and other communication media understandable, attractive and persuasive for as many people as possible? Would you like to study which factors play a role in this? Then Communication and Information Studies might be the right choice for you. Students of CIS enjoy taking an analytical approach to communication processes and have good oral and written communication skills.

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