With a HZ diploma you can continue with a Master’s programme. If you wish to do a Master at a research university in The Netherlands, you may be required to follow a pre-Master’s programme.

HZ offers students the opportunity to take part in a pre-master's programme, allowing you a faster track to enrol in a master's programme at Tilburg University. This way you can obtain your acdemic master's degree in 1.5 to 3 years. After the selection procedure you will start a bridging programme in the fourth year of your Business-MER programme. You do this in Tilburg in preparation for enrolling in the desired master. If you want to participate in this programme, you must have passed your propaedeutic phase and have a weighted average of all examination marks of 7.0 or higher.

Possible Masters with this Bachelor programme:

  • Master in Accountancy
  • Master in International Management
  • Master in Marketing Management
  • Master in Marketing Research
  • Master in Strategic Management
  • Master in Supply Chain Management

Aansluitende masters

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