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What makes natural science 'scientific'? What is a just law? What can science tell us about free will and ethical responsibilities? In this degree, you'll explore the philosophical aspects of science.

The bachelor Philosophy of a specific discipline is an English-taught program. After the first year of your bachelor, you can enroll in this program. You can either start it while continuing your own bachelor, usually during the 2nd and 3rd year of your first bachelor, or start the bachelor Philosophy of a specific discipline after your first bachelor (usually as a 4th year of your bachelor studies).

Philosophy of a specific discipline consists of:

  • a Minor (30 ECTS), introducing you to the history of philosophy and to some of the major philosophical areas such as ethics, philosophy of science, social-political philosophy, and logic;
  • a Specialization Course (5 ECTS) that introduces you to the field of philosophy that is most relevant to your first bachelor and connects both disciplines;
  • three electives (15 EC) to gain more in-depth knowledge of your Specialization;
  • a Bachelor’s Thesis (10 ECTS) in which you carry out philosophical research connected to the discipline of your first bachelor, in well-organized course;
  • 120 ECTS of your first bachelor programme

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