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Explore the world of media and its political, economic, and cultural impact. Pursue opportunities for international exchange and go on to advanced studies or a top-flight career in media and communications.

5 Reasons to choose for IBCoM at the EUR

  1. Prospective students often ask what makes IBCoM different from other communication and media degree programmes in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Below you can find out more about IBCoM’s distinctive features.
  2. IBCoM has not only an internationally highly diverse student population and staff, but also a truly international curriculum, which pays due attention to the international and intercultural dimensions of communication and media.
  3. Next to a top-notch academic education, you will receive ample practical skills training through specialized workshops - e.g. in communication management and new media production- and the internship you will take in your second year.
  4. You will join a close-knit programme in which no student is anonymous or left behind, because IBCoM provides student-centred teaching, personalized attention from both academic and support staff, and a wide range of social activities.
  5. You will have many extracurricular options that will help you to further develop your skills and interests, such as taking on an extra academic challenge in the IBCoM Honours Programme, writing for our IBCoMagazine, being a mentor and leader in the IBCoMpanion Programme, working as an Ambassador, serving on committees and councils, and more.

IBCoM has many other features to be proud of. For more distinctive features, please read on below.

  • IBCoM is the only programme that has been awarded the Distinctive Quality Feature Internationalisation (NVAO) and the European Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation (ECA), based on the international focus of its curriculum and the international diversity of its students and staff.
  • IBCoM is the highest rated programme by international experts in the field.
  • IBCoM students perform much better in their 1st year and throughout their studies than students in comparable programmes.
  • IBCoM is highly appreciated by its students for both the academic education and the practical skills training that it offers.
  • IBCoM has the strongest focus on the international labor market.
  • IBCoM’s curriculum includes both an internship and exchange.
  • IBCoM offers all third year students the option to study abroad for a semester at one of our partner universities worldwide. IBCoM has enough spots for all students to go on exchange, and there is at least one partner university on each continent.
  • IBCoM is located in the coolest city in the Netherlands… at least, that’s what we think – and the Huffington Post confirmed it!

IBCoM embraces an interdisciplinary approach, offering a strong basis in communication and media studies, while reaching out to other disciplines and study areas such as economics and business, psychology, political science, international relations, sociology and arts and culture studies. As a result, upon graduation, you will have many opportunities for advanced studies within and beyond the field of communication and media.

The International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM) at Erasmus University takes a comparative, international approach to communication and media studies. The IBCoM programme is taught exclusively in English to a diverse student body from all corners of the world. With extensive opportunities for international exchanges and internships, IBCoM is an excellent steppingstone to advanced studies or a career in communications and related fields.

The IBCoM curriculum has been designed to help you:

  • Acquire cutting-edge knowledge in each major area of communication and media scholarship as well as an in-depth understanding of several specialized areas of your choosing.
  • Familiarize yourself with the research methods, the information technology, and the communication techniques at the forefront of scholarship and professional practice in the field.
  • Get the skills you need to find employment as a media and communication professional and rise to the challenges you will meet in diverse, international and fast paced working environments.
  • Have excellent opportunities, once you have finished the degree, to pursue advanced studies, both in media and communication and related fields, at Erasmus University as well as at other (international) universities.