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You have a passion for arts and culture. You might not be an artist yourself, but you want to know what's happening behind the scenes of the art sector and play an active role there. As an IBACS student, you approach art and culture from different angles, such as sociology and economy. This helps you to answer questions such as 'How has the Internet affected the distribution of art?', 'When do we call something 'kitsch'?' or 'How do cultural policies come into being?'

Alternating a sociological and economic view, you will study how art is produced and how it is presented by parties such as theatres, museums and festivals. Moreover, you want to understand how art is consumed and appreciated by the audience and how new media is impacting this process. With this bachelor you will be able to analyse the mechanisms of the art world in a societal context.

We study the business of culture. This international bachelor offers a unique perspective to the world of arts and culture. During the course of our three-year programme, you will acquire a thorough understanding of how the cultural sector is organised, and gain insight into the socioeconomic and political contexts that allow the arts to flourish. The contemporary cultural landscape requires creative professionals with analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of cultural policy, arts education, art markets, audiences, heritage, cultural organisations, creative industries and entrepreneurship. You will be familiarized with each of these fields.

Besides building a theoretical foundation, you will also put your broad knowledge about the arts and culture into practice during the compulsory internship. The IBACS programme is connected to many cultural institutions in and outside of Rotterdam: your future professional network.

5 Reasons to choose for IBACS at the EUR

  • You are looking for a programme of which the main focus is not the history of arts and culture , but for a programme that focuses on the economy, politics and sociology behind arts and culture.
  • With the help of an internship embedded in your study programme you will already experience how it is to work in the arts and culture world.
  • Especially in arts and culture it is important to see the bigger picture. This is why the programme applies an international approach. This means that the discussed perspectives on arts and culture are compared with each other on an international level.
  • Do you have an artistic talent, as well as a hunger for academic knowledge? Combine a bachelor at the EUR with a bachelor at the conservatorium (Codarts) or at Willem de Kooning Academie in the Dual Degree RASL.Opens external.
  • Did we already tell you how much fun Rotterdam is? Rotterdam is innovative and diverse: the pop-up initiatives are flourishing like never before. The ideal environment for young culture lovers with big plans!